New and Updated E-Resources

With the fall quarter starting soon, we’d like to highlight some of our new and updated e-resources. Whether you are a frequent patron of the library or exploring our collections for the first time, these new resources can help you get back in the swing of things, or maybe even spark your next big research project.

New Resources

Looking to explore? With the National Geographic Magazine Archive patrons can access every story, page, and issue of National Geographic from 1888-2015. This complete collection includes articles, maps, images, videos, and is cross-searchable. From the 1930 issue on “The Conquest of Antarctica by Air” to 2014’s “The New Food Revolution,” this archive has a multitude of practical research purposes in addition to being a fascinating resource to simply browse.

National Geographic Feb 2004 cover
“National Geographic.” National Geographic Magazine, Feb. 2004. National Geographic Archive 1995-2015 

LGBT Magazine Archive holds the backfiles to the most influential, longest-running serial publications on LGBT interests. With primary source materials such as The Advocate, Gay News, and The Pink Papers, this resource spans over six decades, covering topics of sociology, political science, psychology, health, and arts.

American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2019 provides access to over a century of digitized newspapers originally published by incarcerated persons in United States prisons. These newspapers give readers a firsthand perspective of life in U.S. prisons, revealing the news, issues, and commentary that mattered to prisoners.


With 244 plays by 48 playwrights, North American Indian Drama: Second Edition features the stories and creative energies of American Indian and First Nation drama. More than half of this twentieth century collection is previously unpublished works, representing groups such as Cherokee, Mtis, Creek, Choctaw, Pembina Chippewa, Ojibway, Lenape, Comanche, Cree, Navajo, Rappahannock, Hawaiian/Samoan, and others.

Encyclopedia of Islam Online is an essential reference tool in understanding not only the religion of Islam, but also the countries in which its believers live. With access to Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second and Third Editions and the Historical Atlas of Islam, patrons can find information on religion, politics, history, and culture of the world of Islam.

IGI Global InfoSci-Books provides access to thousands of selected e-books in over 200 disciplines relating to technology, business, medicine, education, and engineering. With its rapidly expanding collection of over 40,000 full-text chapters from over 1,600 scholarly works, InfoSci-Books has something for almost every researcher.

Southeast Asia Archive is an extensive resource for patrons interested in colonial and early post-colonial india. With more than 4.5 million pages of historical documents originally collected by the South Asian Research Foundation (SARF), this archive provides a deep dive into the cultural heritage and history of India from 1700-1953.

Updated Resources

While new additions to the collection are always exciting, we’ve also updated some existing resources to provide wider coverage of the resources you already enjoy. First, our access to the historically important African American newspaper Chicago Defender has grown to encompass the years 1976-2010. Drama Online now includes the RSC Shakespeare video collection 1 and 2, the Oberon Books Collection, the Nick Hern Annual Update 2021, and the Core Collection Annual Update 2021. Food & Drink in History now includes module II, providing even more illustrative materials linking food with identity and politics. And Nursing Education in Video now includes the 3rd Edition, ensuring patrons have access to updated training video and resources.

For access to these new and updated materials, check out our A-Z Databases & Resources page where you can search and browse our online resources.

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