Alumni & Family Weekend: Reuniting and Reflecting on University History

This Thursday, October 14, DePaul’s annual Alumni & Family Weekend begins, and many alumni and friends will be coming together both in-person and virtually to reunite with former classmates, learn about what’s happening on campus today, and celebrate. The weekend has also traditionally been a time to reminisce and reflect on the past, while also looking ahead to the future.

In honor of the occasion, DePaul Special Collections and Archives collaborated with the Office of Alumni Relations on a series of video presentations that explore aspects of university history through the records, papers, photographs, and memorabilia held in University Archives.

Student Life and Culture at DePaul focuses on the student experience and campus life at DePaul over the years. The presentation highlights how the student experience has followed broader trends in university student life, as well as some of the unique features of the student experience at DePaul.

DePaul’s Catholic and Vincentian Identity examines some of the internal and external factors that have influenced aspects of DePaul’s Catholic and Vincentian identity throughout the university’s history.

The 1970-71 Academic Year at DePaul honors the Class of 1971 as they celebrate their 50th reunion this weekend by looking back at what student life and campus culture was like fifty years ago at DePaul.

Special Collections and Archives will also be attending the Fifty Year Club Luncheon on Friday, with a display of DePaul University yearbooks and a poster presentation on the 1970-71 academic year.


The entire collection of The DePaulian yearbooks can also be searched and browsed online anytime, along with DePaul student newspapers and University photograph collections, as part of the DePaul Heritage Collections.

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  1. Thanks, Brittan. These were fun to view. Always something new, learned about the Chicago Catholic art. That was interesting.

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