Xerox, Yoga, and Wildlife

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Welcome back to This Week in Reference! Congratulations on making it to the last week of the fall quarter. We wish you luck on your finals, and hope you have plenty of down time afterwards. We have enjoyed learning about all the incredible topics that you’ve been researching.

Here’s are a few of the questions we helped research recently:

  • What are the subsidiaries of the Xerox Corporation?
  • I’m looking for historic Chicago newspapers that are digitized.
  • What books do you have on marketing management?
  • I am trying to find research on whether domestic violence victims are more likely to have health issues later in life.
  • What are the barriers that keep people from minority communities from choosing teaching as a career?
  • I’m trying to find statistics for postpartum depression mortality rates among different races.
  • I need help finding peer reviewed articles about yoga and the benefits it has on improving sleep.
  • How can I find articles about COVID-19’s effect on wildlife in the United States?
  • I’m looking for the 1885 version of La Grande Encyclopédie. Any thoughts on how to access it?
  • I’m doing research on boarding schools and circumstances/stories of student expulsion. Can you recommend anything?

And here’s an in-depth look at a recent chat on Ask A Librarian:

Student: Hello! I need some assistance finding valid sources for a paper I’m writing about gender bias and cultural identity within the nursing field. Any assistance or direction would be appreciated.

Librarian: hi there! have you seen the nursing research guide yet?


Librarian: I would start in CINAHL

Student: Got it! Thank you!

Librarian: do you mean gender bias toward professional nurses, within hospitals/clinics?

Librarian: or do you mean toward patients by nurses?

Student: The former

Student: I want to focus on exploring how the nursing field is constantly evolving with focus on gender bias and cultural diversity

Librarian: okay, I see

Librarian: let me look in CINAHL for a bit

Student: As a male wanting to join the field, it’s significantly female dominated which is great but also slightly changing

Student: my partner & I are also minorities so we would like to incorporate diversity into the paper, including LGBTQ+ nurses and healthcare professionals

Librarian: I agree, I think it is changing too

Librarian: let’s see…so I’m searching: nurs* and (profession* or occupation*)

Librarian: then to add in your other concepts

Librarian: like gender bias or cultural diversity

Student: Yes I think that would yield some worthy sources. I think that’s good for now.

Librarian: ok cool! yes there is a learning curve for these databases, for sure

Student: Is that chat function available from 9-6pm?

Librarian: we will be on chat until 9pm tonight

Student: oh great! Thanks again!

Librarian: you’re welcome!  if you’d like to email the chat to yourself, you can click the envelope icon at the top of the box.

Student: Done!

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