Working Alone or With a Group: Reserve Space at the Library

Do you need more space? The DePaul University Library has a variety of space available to help you succeed this year with individual study, group projects, media production, and more. Start on our Room Reservations page to see what’s open, and click Reserve when you find the type of space you need.

Solo Booths at John T. Richardson Library
New Solo Booths can be reserved at both the Loop Library and the John T. Richardson Library

New this year, Solo Booths are a great option for individual study, phone calls, Zoom meetings, or quiet contemplation. Fitted with outlets, natural and LED lighting, and acoustic insulation, this is a comfortable and private option.

This year, we’ve added additional group study rooms! One of our most popular bookings, group study rooms can accommodate up to 10 people for meetings, collaborative projects, or presentation practice. Group work tables seat 6-8 people and can also be reserved in open areas on the first and second floors at the John T. Richardson Library.

Media studios are perfect for video and sound recording or editing, as well as other individual or partner projects. Don’t forget that hardware like microphones, cameras, keyboards, analog media players and more can be checked out from the Library to use for your media studio projects.

Space does fill quickly during busy times in the quarter, so be sure to check the Room Reservations page in advance and book early. Any space that’s not reserved is available on a first-come-first-served basis, and you can always drop into the Loop Library or the John T. Richardson Library for your choice of comfortable seating, tables, and study carrels.

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