This Week in Reference: From Hippocrates to Jane Austen… DePaul Librarians Are Ready to Answer All of Your Research Questions!

Hello from the Research Help Desk! Have you used our popular Ask-a-Librarian chat service? This quarter we have been quite busy answering your online chat questions. From helping you locate a newspaper article to finding scholarly sources on Jane Austen, the librarians at the Research Help Desk are here to assist with all of your research needs!

Not sure what to ask us? Here are a few examples of recent questions that we have received through our online chat:  

  • I need help finding articles that relate to Critical Race Theory and how it relates to segregation in the Black community
  • I am trying to find articles or books on Hippocrates view on Schizophrenia 
  • Does the library have access to National Geographic? 
  • How can I access ProQuest, the statistical abstract of the US? 
  • I am trying to log on to the Interlibrary Loan system to request an article 
  • I am looking for some peer reviewed articles on gender pay inequalities in the U.S. 
  • How do I reserve a study room in the Loop?
  • I’m looking for scholarly sources from well-established journals that discuss Jane Austen (specifically Mansfield Park), and how she discusses wealth and socioeconomic class

An example chat may look something like this:  

Patron: Hi!  

DePaul Librarian:  Hi there! How can I help you? 

Patron:  Can DePaul alumni use the DePaul library? 

DePaul Librarian:  Yes, and alumni can also check out books! Here’s some information about getting Wi-Fi access through the Alumni Relations Office: Resources for Alumni & Visitors 

Patron:  Do we need to bring an ID with us? 

DePaul Librarian:  No, DePaul does not require an ID, but you’ll need to bring your own device, as the desktop computers are only for current students/faculty/staff. 

Patron:  Ok, thank you! And how late does the library stay open? 

DePaul Librarian:  You can find the library hours here. Please keep in mind that the John T. Richardson Library in Lincoln Park is for current students/faculty/staff after 9pm. 

Patron:  Ok, thank you! 

DePaul Librarian:  Can I help you with anything else? 

Patron:  Nope, that is it, thank you!

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