Honoring Aspasia: The Renaming of Room 300

On Thursday, May 18th at 10:30 a.m., the DePaul University community will gather to rename Room 300 in the John T. Richardson Library after Aspasia LeCompte, a woman of African descent who fought her enslavers through the court system and won her liberty in 1839. Bishop Joseph Rosati, for whom the room had been named in 1993, was one of the white Catholic enslavers Aspasia sued over a twelve-year period.

The dedication will include speeches, remarks, and music, and those present are invited to walk over to the Aspasia LeCompte Residence Hall (formerly Belden-Racine Hall) for the conclusion of the renaming ceremonies. If you would like to attend, please register by May 17th.

Please note that the normally quiet third floor will be the site of this program, and those seeking solitude on Thursday morning are encouraged to find study space on the fourth floor.

To learn more about Aspasia, please visit the Aspasia LeCompte Room to read the newly installed wall panels or pick up a brochure created by the Task Force to Address the Vincentians’ Relationship to Slavery.

1837 lawsuit Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane.
Part of the court documents from Aspasia’s 1837 claim against Hardage Lane. Bishop Rosati sold Aspasia to Hardage Lane rather than acknowledge her claim or engage in court. Available through the Washington University in St. Louis Digital Gateway.

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  1. Jamie, thanks for this post and the information. Wish I could have been to the events yesterday. This must have been challenging to research to get to this point. Congratulations to everyone at DePaul and the manner of resolution. Clearly not an easy issue.

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