This Week in Reference: May

Although the school year is winding down and the summer holiday approaching, librarians behind the Research Help desk have been busy answering all your reference needs. From how to reserve a study room to questions on the future of human-computer interactions, the online library chat is a fast and efficient way to get your research needs met. Feel free to also stop by the Research Help desk for in-person help as well!

Not sure what to ask us? Here are some recent questions we have received:

  • Can I check out materials as a DePaul alum?
  • Where can I find peer reviewed essay about teens and their access to birth control with parental consent?
  • Do we have online access to the Sun-Times?
  • Hi, I’m writing a paper on genetic engineering for my health ethics class and I need to find some peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Hello, I’m trying to find an academic journal about the relation between temperance and religion. Ideally it would also primarily concern women. Any tips for finding a source like this?
  • What are the library hours?
  • Hi! I’m looking for a reliable source that can tell me the Palestinian population in France and Germany.

Here is an example chat:

Student: Hi!

DePaul Librarian: Hi there! How can I help you?

Student: I am looking for scholarly articles on classroom management.

DePaul Librarian: Sure, I’m happy to help! Are you familiar with our online research guides?

Student: a little

DePaul Librarian: The guides are organized by subject – I would suggest looking at the Education Research Guide for your topic.

Student: Thank you!

DePaul Librarian: You’re welcome! Once you have opened the guide, click on the ‘Articles’ tab on the left hand side of the page, and you will see a list of subject specific databases relating to Education.

Student: Ok, thank you!

DePaul Librarian: I would suggest checking out the databases, Eric (Educational Resource Information Center) and Education Research Complete.

DePaul Librarian: What grades are you focusing on for classroom management? I can do an example search and send you the results.

Student: mostly focusing on the intermediate grades, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

DePaul Librarian: Ok! I’ll do a quick search and see what sort of results come up. Back in a moment!

Student: ok, thank you!

DePaul Librarian: Ok, here is the search that I plugged into the search box: Classroom management AND (intermediate grade* OR grade 3 OR grade 4 OR grade 5) AND study. You can click on the results here.

Student: Thank you! I will look through these results.

DePaul Librarian: Great! Feel free to chat us again if you need any more help. We are online until 10pm most evenings.

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