Fall into Reference

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! As the quarter gets into full swing, the librarians behind the research help desk have been busy answering your research-related questions. Questions have ranged from help finding scholarly articles on the honey industry and access to the New York Times to assistance finding a textbook for class and the library hours. If you have not had the opportunity to use our online Ask a Librarian service, I encourage you to check it out! It is a great way to get library service right from your personal device.

Some other questions we have answered this quarter include:

Here is an example chat that we had recently:

Patron: Hi!

DePaul Librarian: Hi there! How can I help you?

Patron: I need to find a scholarly article about how physical exercise influences well-being?

DePaul Librarian: One moment while I do some hunting. In the meantime, feel free to try looking through our Health Sciences Research Guide to help you find relevant resources.

Patron: Thank you!

DePaul Librarian: And is there a particular population you’re looking for to make your search more specific? Such as age or race?

Patron: No

DePaul Librarian: Here’s a search from the database CINAHL Complete. There are a range of scholarly articles that discuss the impacts of exercise on well-being.

Patron: Thank you, I will look through these.

DePaul Librarian: There are a lot of results. We’d need to narrow your topic more in order to get more relevant results. Do you need any help with narrowing your topic?

Patron: Ok, thank you! I will look through these results and let you know.

DePaul Librarian: Ok, we are online until 10pm tonight if you need more help.

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