Save Your ProQuest Ebook Central Bookshelf Before 3/25

If you read ProQuest Ebooks and have saved them to the “bookshelf,” then read on… 

The library will be moving to a new seamless and secure login experience in March. (Yay!) As a result, the contents you’ve saved to your ProQuest Ebook Central bookshelves will disappear. (Boo!) 

You can back up any contents you need to keep by exporting them following these instructions. After March 25, 2024 you will no longer be able to access your current ProQuest Ebook Central bookshelf and you will have a new bookshelf going forward. 

After the Library moves to the new login experience, you can again add items to your ProQuest Ebook Central bookshelf and create new folders. Unfortunately, there is no way to import the contents you export. We understand this is inconvenient and we appreciate your patience and understanding.  

If you have any issues exporting your bookshelf items or accessing your ProQuest Ebook Central account, please contact Ask A Librarian for assistance. We’re here to help. 

Proquest e-book users can click on the bookshelf link from the Proquest Ebook Central menu and then click on the export icon to download contents of the bookshelf.

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