New Login Experience for Remote Access to Library Resources




BlueKey Login Screenshot


During Spring Break, the DePaul University Library is moving from EZProxy to OpenAthens for access and authentication to our online resources.

OpenAthens provides secure and seamless remote access anywhere via single sign-on with your BlueKey login credentials.

How will the switch to OpenAthens affect you?

Chances are you will not notice the switch. When you access online resources from the library website remotely, you will log in using your BlueKey login credentials just like when logging into other campus resources such as D2L, Campus Connect, and Zoom.

  • You will only need to log in once and you will remain logged in for 8 hours. (Unless you switch browsers, clear cookies, or use a new device.)
  • You will be able to log in directly on many vendors’/publishers’ websites without having to go through the library website. Learn how to log in.
  • You will need to update saved links. Links with the EZproxy prefix ( will continue to work for now, but you will need to update bookmarked links and links in course materials before Autumn Quarter 2024. Learn how to update your links.

We expect the implementation of OpenAthens to be smooth and almost unnoticeable, but if you have any issues accessing online library resources, please consult our troubleshooting tips or contact Ask A Librarian for help.


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