Coming Soon: Course Reserves System Migration

ExLibris Leganto logoThis spring, the DePaul University Library will migrate our course reserves system from ARES to Leganto. Leganto will provide a better user experience for faculty and students through a more modern user interface and more seamless integration with the library catalog and D2L. Faculty will be able to more easily discover new resources and integrate them into courses and students will have access to both digital and print resources across all platforms and on any device. Leganto will go live for students and faculty this summer quarter.

On average, DePaul undergraduates spend $1,114 annually on textbooks and course materials. Course reserves is a free alternative that ensures equitable access to materials. When faculty submit a course reserve request, the Library helps reduce textbook costs and provides equitable access to materials by:

  • Purchasing unlimited access e-books or other e-resources if they are available for a library license.
  • Checking whether the library has electronic access to an item and providing a stable URL.
  • Providing access to film in streaming or physical formats.
  • Scanning a chapter or article to link from Course Reserves and/or D2L.
  • Placing a physical copy of required items on reserve at the John T. Richardson Library or Loop Library, when electronic access is not available

To learn more about Leganto, visit our Course Reserves System Migration Guide. 

The migration will take place during the spring quarter. The Library will be migrating all existing course reserves lists and files to the new system. After May 17, all requests for summer and fall quarters will be submitted by faculty via Leganto.

If you have any questions, please contact your Library Liaison.

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