New Course Reserves System Live, Register for Upcoming Faculty Training Sessions

DePaul’s new course reserves system, Leganto, is officially live! This system provides a better user experience for faculty and students through a more modern user interface and more seamless integration with the library catalog and D2L. Faculty are able to more easily discover new resources and integrate them into courses, and students have access to both digital and print resources across all platforms and on any device.

To learn more about the new system, please see our Course Reserves Guide.

The Library will offer virtual training and Q&A sessions for faculty and instructors who want to learn more or have questions:

Introduction to Library Course Reserves, 5/21 at 1PM
Introduction to Library Course Reserves, 5/30 at 11AM
Library Course Reserves Q&A Drop-in Hour, 6/3 at 2PM
Library Course Reserves Q&A Drop-in Hour, 6/12 at 1PM

Benefits of Leganto:

Easy to create and modify lists
Library resources can be added seamlessly within Leganto; no more forms to fill out when adding resources to reserve. Leganto’s “Cite It” plugin allows you to add online resources to your reading list with one click.

Supports list sharing and collaboration
Leganto lets you easily add collaborators to your course reserves list. You can add other instructors to your list and adjust editing access.

Gives instructors a “window” into the Library’s resource management system
All items added to Leganto reading lists are shared instantly with the Library’s internal system, creating a link between your course and the Library. When Library staff process reading lists, instructors are able to see updates – such as those related to item availability and purchase request status – in real time.

Makes students usage data visible to instructors
Instructors are able to see the number of students who have accessed each resource in their reading list, as well as the specific ways students have interacted with each resource (views, downloads, comments, etc).

If you have questions about Course Reserves, please contact the library course reserves team.

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