Author: Library Staff

After 116 Years, First Diploma Comes Home to DePaul

If you’ve read the Winter edition of DePaul Magazine you may have seen one of the most significant artifacts in university history: the 1899 diploma issued to Mark Sheridan, one of DePaul’s very first graduates. The  diploma, donated to the university by Sheridan’s nephew, Mark Sheridan Barg, will be permanently

Frida Berrigan Book Discussion: From Daughter of Radicals to Rebellious Mom

How does one become a “radical mom”? As the daughter of peace activists Philip Berrigan and Liz McAlister, Frida Berrigan probably has a clearer sense of this than most. Among her earliest experiences include the periodic imprisonment of her parents for protest actions. Phil was arrested over 100 times and spent

A Priest’s Papers Come To Light: The newly processed Reverend Edward J. McKenna Papers

After the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council in December 1965, many aspects of the Catholic Church were modernized in order to reconcile changing social attitudes with the spirit of Catholicism. Reciting the Holy Mass in the vernacular and fostering dialogue with other faiths/Christian denominations were among the most well-known

New Exhibit in Special Collections: A Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

What constitutes useful knowledge?  Still asked by educational institutions and individuals aspiring to new endeavors, the question is both elusive and definitive depending upon how broadly philosophical or concretely specific the inquiry. The “useful” component of the query is further complicated by the circumstantial connection of knowledge to social, political,