Author: Susan Bazargan

The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread Reviewed by Susan Bazargan

Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall, The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread One of the first appearances of the word “misinformation” is in “Poverties Patience,” a lengthy poem Arthur Warren wrote while in debtors’ prison in 1604. Warren cautions his readers about shipwrecks caused by the “sweete” sonnets sung

The Overstory by Richard Powers Reviewed by Susan Bazargan

Reading Richard Powers’s The Overstory, I was reminded of George Herbert, the 17th-century metaphysical poet and priest, a “devotional lyricist” known for writing “pattern poems,” in which the lines are so arranged that they become visual, “concrete” representations of the subject of the poem. Powers’s novel offers a grand reworking

Humanities Laureate Award: Resources on the Sioux Nation and Environmental Activism

“Mni Wiconi”: “Water is life.” On Wednesday, May 17, the DePaul Humanities Center will celebrate the enduring efforts of a first nation community fighting for their sovereign rights. On behalf of the Native Peoples at Standing Rock, three outstanding leaders will receive the 2016-17 DePaul Humanities Laureate Award: Bobbi Jean

DePaul Humanities Center: Transformations: Art, Identity, Ideology

“Transformations: Art, Identity, Ideology” is the topic guiding the next DePaul Humanities Center discussion, planned for Thursday, April 20, 2017. The conversation offers an exciting opportunity to learn more about some of the most complex interfaces between art and identity formation in the 21st century.  Four artists and thinkers from