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Tell Us About Textbooks (Student Edition)

Earlier this year, the DePaul University Library and the Student Government Association co-sponsored a panel on “open textbooks” as part of our celebration of Open Education Week and as part of our ongoing collaboration with faculty to promote the use of open educational resources (OERs) at DePaul. All participants at

“Opening” Education at DePaul

Following the 2014 Teaching and Learning Conference, the DePaul University Library made a strategic commitment to engaging with colleagues across the university to promote greater use of open education resources, including open access journal and books, freely-available media and learning objects, and open textbooks. What began as a commitment years

Faculty Explore Open Textbooks at Library Workshop

DePaul University was a pioneer in the State of Illinois when it joined the Open Textbook Network in July 2016, and librarians, faculty, and students have continued to explore, and advocate for, the use of open educational resources throughout the past academic year. Since early 2017, library staff have collaborated