Get ‘Em While They’re Fresh: New Books for May 2014

Advice and inspiration can be found for all career stages in DePaul’s Career Information Collections located in the Loop and Lincoln Park campus libraries. Highlighted below are three recent additions to the Loop collection.

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College

The first two decades of life spent in school are fairly lockstep; expectations are set for each class along the way and consistent feedback and grades tell us how we are performing. But like many milestones in life, the hard-earned college degree and new career can be disorienting. The world of work doesnt resemble our educational systemexpectations can be fuzzy and feedback often occurs on an annual basis, not throughout the semester. The good news is that there are mentors and books that offer guidance through this transition. They Don’t Teach Corporate in College is filled with tangible advice honed from the author’s own experience, as well as contributions from employees in their 20’s and 30’s, for successfully navigating this transition. Alexandra Levit is the mentor I wish crossed my path when I first stepped into the corporate world. Loop Library, Call Number: 650.10842 L6662t2014

Mid and Late Career IssuesWork challenges do not subside with experience; layers of complexity are added through the years. While Levit addresses the specific hurdles met by young professionals, Mo Wang, Deborah A. Olson, and Kenneth S. Shultz (no relation to me) examine the very different experiences of those at the opposite end of the career continuum. Mid and Late Career Issues: an Integrative Perspective begins with a review of 40 years of career research, which has not evolved with the aging workforce and continues to focus on early careers. The authors close this gap by investigating the unique attributes of older workers and how these play out on individual, job, and organizational levels.  An important objective of this work was to connect theory to practice; their design of a dynamic model that incorporates these attributes to provide a more comprehensive understanding of mid and late career issues thoughtfully accomplishes this. Loop Library, Call Number: 650.1 W2466M

Body of WorkBody of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together transcends career stages with its holistic approach to thinking about one’s working life. Many professionals view their careers through a skills and experience perspective that creates silos built on positions and organizations. By reducing these barriers, Pamela Slims body of work framework provides an adaptable personal career model that more accurately reflects the mutable quality of careers in the 21st century. Slim provides a road map for shaping a body of work with eight specific steps, each supplemented with reflective exercises designed to successfully guide you through the process. At the end of the day, finding meaning in our work is an important consideration for many of us; meaningful work is the thread that ties Slims framework together. Loop Library, Call Number: 650.1 S6335b2013

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