Christopher Marlowe and Building Morale

Putative portrait of Christopher Marlowe (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge).

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Question:  Where can I find scholarly sources for the topic morale building that will result in sustainable tenure at community based organizations?

Answer: Success will depend on where you look (which databases) and how you compose a search strategy (which keywords to use). Start with a search for key terms: “nonprofit organizations” AND employees AND retention in Business Source Complete.

Skimming the results from the basic strategy outlined above, you’ll see other words to consider such as: turnover…morale…motivation…job satisfaction. Add these words to your search for retention with “OR”: retention OR turnover OR morale OR motivation OR “job satisfaction”. Use quotes to force the database to keep those words together.

Always look at the subject terms for words that seem relevant in order to uncover other useful vocabulary. In addition to nonprofit organizations, add “social advocacy” to the first line along with “nonprofit organizations”. You also stated an interest in “community based” employees, so add that phrase to the mix, too:  “nonprofit organizations” OR “social advocacy” OR “community based”.

With this bit of back and forth, you end up with 200+ citations to peruse. Use the left sidebar options in the results display and narrow to scholarly journals.  If you need to dig deeper or still cannot find what you need feel free to follow up!

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