“Quality Service” at the Library

Since 2003, the DePaul University Office of Mission and Values has given the Staff Quality Service Award to staff members at the university “who have enhanced university initiatives by promoting collaboration and teamwork to support the institution’s mission.” Since 2014, 3 DePaul University librarians have received this award, each for their contributions to the core missions of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service, and each for their commitment to collaboration with colleagues across the university to move our strategic initiatives forward.

In fall 2014, Chris Hoeppner, Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services, was given the award in recognition of his leadership in overseeing the successful completion of Phase 2 of the John T. Richardson Library renovation, which included the Information Commons, Learning Commons, and Scholar’s Lab, as well as the establishment of the Faculty Publications Collection and the Faculty Art Exhibit. In his nomination letter, Hoeppner was noted for his ability to work with multiple stakeholder groups across the DePaul community, including Faculty Council and the Student Government Association, to not only complete this successful renovation project, but to do so in a manner that made it possible to maintain regular library service throughout. The successful completion of Phase 2, and the current work toward completing Phase 3, have been critical to the library’s contribution to the university’s strategic commitments to supporting educational innovation and developing facilities that support the highest-quality educational experience for our students.

In fall 2016, Heather Jagman, Coordinator for Reference, Instruction, and Academic Engagement, was given the award in recognition of her leadership in developing an information literacy program reflecting the need for critical thinking skills related to the discovery, evaluation, and creation of information products across the curriculum, and working with colleagues across the library and Academic Affairs to assess the impact of information literacy instruction on student learning. In her nomination letter, Jagman was noted for the successful collaboration she has fostered with colleagues in Academic and Student Affairs, as well as her role as a mentor for library colleagues who have spearheaded similar instructional collaborations with first-year programs, capstone programs, and online learning programs across the University. Reflecting DePaul’s commitment to the “teacher-scholar” model, Jagman’s work has been critical to the library’s contribution to the university’s commitments to focusing the university community on student learning and success and deepening our institutional commitment to the City of Chicago.

In fall 2017, Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts, Special Collections Instruction Librarian, will be given the award in recognition of her leadership in developing DePaul’s program around teaching and learning with primary sources. In addition to working with library and faculty colleagues to identify undergraduate student learning outcomes related to information and artifactual literacy in special collections and archives, Hodgetts led the design and development of an innovative “teaching kit” that will allow K-12 teachers and students to make use of the library’s Sr. Helen Prejean papers in their classrooms. This kit combines digitized primary sources that maintain their context to the archival collection and that are grounded in specific chapters and themes of Dead Man Walking. Curriculum especially designed for English, social studies, and theater can be viewed online or downloaded in a booklet format. Like Jagman, Hodgett’s work reflects not only the library’s distinctive commitments to teaching and learning, and to community engagement, but also to sharing the unique resources held by the library that reflect the university’s Catholic identity and its commitment to the promotion of social justice.

Congratulations to our colleagues whose commitment to the DePaul community has been recognized by the Staff Quality Service Award, and to all of their colleagues who have collaborated with them to make this work possible.

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