More Power in the Loop

Following feedback from students, Facility Operations has completed the first phase of a two-phase operation to improve access to power for Loop Library users bringing their own devices into the library. Additional access to outlets has been provided to 64 study carrels in the Loop Library and an upcoming project will run new conduit from existing power sources to study carrels not currently adjacent to outlets.

Adding access to power sources for laptops, mobile phones, and other mobile technology has been a recurring request from library users, and has been a feature of each phase of the renovation of the John T. Richardson Library as well as more incremental improvements to spaces and services in the Loop Library.

This improvement to Loop Library facilities came following a discussion between President Esteban and students in the library, and reflects the comments he made during the opening of the newly-renovated second floor of the Richardson Library recognizing the need to continually review resources available to our students in the library and to make improvements whenever possible. With support from Facilities Operations, we were able to make this request a reality in short order, and we look forward to future opportunities to make improvements to all library spaces as we continue the ongoing renovation of the DePaul University Library.

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