Announcing Upgrades to Via Sapientiae

We wanted to let you know about some changes to Via Sapientiae, DePaul University’s institutional repository housing research, open access journals, conferences, and theses and dissertations.

Look and Feel
We have changed the color scheme from gold-and-brown to blue-and-white to better reflect the university’s website colors but have not altered the journal or conference designs.

Dissertations and Theses
Our staff has streamlined the submission process for dissertations and theses and improved the documentation of our existing policies and procedures. A standardized form is now available for departments or colleges to use for their own record ensuring consistent information about dissertations and theses throughout the university. You will find the form on the left-hand sidebar at . Lastly, we are recommending that departments and colleges move away from granting indefinite embargos both to meet the requirement for graduate degrees that research be published and to embrace the principles of open access. Submissions deposited after August 31, 2018 will have a maximum initial embargo period of 10 years, and will now require a request to renew the embargo. Before that period expires, the author must contact the individual college or department to renew the embargo.

Let us do the work! Join our Proquest Pilot Project
It can be time consuming to enter theses and dissertations into both Via Sapientiae and the Proquest Dissertations and Theses Database. For the next academic year, we’re offering to upload the documents for you. Just submit the documents per usual in Via, send an email to when you’ve finished and we’ll do the rest! If you’re interested in joining this pilot project, let us know.

Feedback needed on adding Syllabi
We are considering adding course syllabi, to maintain an institutional record of courses taught at the university. We would maintain these as individual collections within each college and upload them to SelectedWorks pages if requested. Please send us your opinions at

Contact us if you have questions or need further information.

Screenshot of Via Sapientiae

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