Instagram Influencers, Racial Profiling in Airports & Universal Healthcare

Does winter have you feeling blue? Here’s your reminder that spring is right around the corner! At the Research Help Desk, we’ve been shaking off the winter blues by helping our patrons with their enlightening research questions.
Here’s a look at some of the research topics that came across the Research Help Desk this month:

  • Impact of Instagram influencers on sales
  • Racial profiling in airports
  • Expressing intimacy in relationships
  • Universal healthcare
  • History of buildings in the Ravenswood neighborhood
  • Ottoman Constitution of 1876
  • Masculinity and the evolution of gender
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Voice-enabled multimodal user interfaces
  • Emergency department overcrowding and patient outcomes

Helping with research topics is not our only specialty. We can also help with any research-related questions you might have. Just check out this question we received from one of our patrons recently.

Question: Hi there. I did a search earlier and bookmarked 4-5 trade articles in EBSCOhost but when I went back they were gone.

Answer: Unfortunately, you may have lost your search. Copying the URL at the top of the screen is not permanent and when you go back to the link later, it will most likely not work. When you find an article of interest in a database, be sure to look for a persistent link which can also be referred to as a permalink or a stable link. Many databases have this feature. I can show you how to get a permalink for your search in an EBSCOhost database. Permalinks can be located in different places in various databases. If you need help locating these links in any of our databases, don’t hesitate to Ask a Librarian!

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