New Trials: We’d Like Your Feedback

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, DePaul University Library has been temporarily granted access to a more-than-usual number of online resources. This supplemental access to resources and e-books is one of several ways the library is trying to ease the shift to online teaching and learning. You may have noticed, these temporary access resources are also tagged as “trials.” These trials are an opportunity to test new platforms and gather feedback that will inform library collection decisions in the future.

Without a doubt, this is the largest amount of concurrent trials the DePaul University Library has ever seen. Publishers and vendors have been generous in their access offers, and our library staff is diligently processing these new resources to make them available for our community. Typically, the rollout of trials throughout the year comes from a variety of faculty, student, and staff requests, therefore the patrons who eagerly request these resources are likely to provide feedback on their experience exploring these new materials. But since this is a unique setting with so many unrequested trial resources, we rely on your feedback now more than ever whether it be positive, negative, or neutral.

The best way to share your experience with these trials is through feedback forms. These give us the opportunity to hear your personal experience with these resources, and your response may help guide the decision making process for purchasing or subscribing to these resources in the future. Each trial has its own feedback form linked at the bottom of the trial’s description on the A-Z list. All responses will be read and filed for later review in the next fiscal year. Although we do extensive research on these resources, and library staff use them in reference and instruction, you, the DePaul community, are utilizing these trials in your classrooms, lesson plans, research, homework, and more. Your input and feedback allow us to further inform our decisions on available library resources in the future, and we hope to continue hearing from our community as these trials run their course.

For a full list of trial resources available through spring quarter, check out our library guide. And for each trial you explore, please consider filling out the feedback form at the bottom of each resource description.

3 Replies to “New Trials: We’d Like Your Feedback”

  1. OH MY GOD!!

    We might just become something resembling a research institution!

    If you can keep this you can have more than a few of my fingers in exchange.
    Please contact me about whether we can keep this.
    (It is inside your Gale primary texts.)

    I would teach with this in the Fall of 2020 IF I CAN RELY UPON IT.

  2. The Academic Search Ultimate and Ebsco E-Book Search Ultimate have been a very much needed resource under the current unfortunate conditions.

  3. I thought you did a great job in providing multiple types of media for all students. Movies, books, and journals became far more accessible these last few months. Thank you!

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