Design Conferences, DePaul Yearbooks, and the Dry Cleaning Industry

Page from the 1993-1994 DePaul University Yearbook shows top albums of September 1993: River of Dreams by Billy Joel is at the top and includes Sleepless in Seattle, Black Sunday, Janet, Blind Melon, Core, etc.
A page from the 1993-1994 DePaul University Yearbook

Welcome back to This Week in Reference! Here are some of the more intriguing topics that our Reference Librarians helped students and faculty research recently.

  • Consequentialist ethics and bankruptcy in business
  • Patient-centered nursing care for African American patients
  • Locating conferences in the areas of design, design thinking, and human-computer interaction
  • Singin’ in the Rain free to stream through DePaul Library website
  • Commonalities among billionaire women philanthropists in different areas
  • Unemployment statistics by race
  • Market research and competitor analysis in the dry cleaning industry
  • Differences in nurses’ delivery of bad news depending on age of the patient
  • Seeking a publication from 1794 titled: “The rise and progress of The Young-Ladies’ Academy of Philadelphia: containing an account of a number of public examinations & commencements; the charter and by-laws; likewise a number of orations delivered by the young ladies, and several by the trustees of said institution”

And, here’s a more in-depth look at a question we answered:

Question: Are yearbooks viewable online? Do you have to be a student to view them? 

Answer: DePaul yearbooks are all digitized and can be accessed here. You do not need to be a student to view them.

Here’s a short history the DePaul yearbook:

The DePaul Minerval served as a literary journal and chronicle of life at the University, and for the high school students of DePaul Academy. Published several times per year, it featured student essays, poems, notes on campus activities, as well as class photos and updates on alumni. In 1924 the Minerval was replaced by the DePaulian yearbook.

The DePaul University yearbook, The DePaulian, was published from 1924 to 1997, and it commemorated each academic year’s events, milestones and graduates until it ceased publication. Some later issues are titled the DePaul University Senior Book.

All available yearbooks have been digitized and can be viewed online.

In addition, a complete print run of the yearbook is held in DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives Department, and an incomplete print run is located at the Lincoln Park John T. Richardson Library. 

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