Yevgeny Vakhtangov and Hands-Free Technology 


Public domain archival image from the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Fashion Plates collection shows an illustration of a zouave jacket and a night dress from 1860-1861.

























Welcome to a new edition of This Week in Reference! We hope your winter quarter is off to a good start. The days are shorter this time of year, but our research help hours are long! You can get immediate research help online via Ask a Librarian until 10pm most days

We are getting hundreds of questions as research papers and projects ramp up, and the topics are as interesting as ever. Here are a few of the topics we’ve helped research recently. 

  • Video game design for users with disabilities
  • Social media addiction in adolescents
  • Heart failure research published within the past five years
  • Canada’s role in the First World War
  • Future of hands-free technology
  • School-to-prison pipeline in the United States
  • Biographical information about the Russian theatre director Yevgeny Vakhtangov
  • European fashion trends from the 1860s 
  • Discriminatory regulations for intersex professional athletes 
  • Social media and political polarization in the United States
  • Effect of high property taxes on low-income neighborhoods
  • Music and mental health
  • History of domestic violence in the United States

Here’s an in-depth look at a recent Ask a Librarian conversation:

Student: Hi, I am having trouble narrowing my topic for a paper in my health science class. I want to write about dry needling, but I need to narrow it down while also finding enough information for and against my topic. Could you help me brainstorm or point me to a resource that could help me narrow?

Librarian: hello! I’ll begin with a link to the health sciences research guide. This guide lists a variety of databases that will be useful for you to search

Student: I have been looking through the CINAHL Complete resource tab

Librarian: sure, one moment and I’ll run a quick search

Student: Thank you

Librarian: are you required to locate scholarly articles?

Student: Yes

Librarian: Thanks. I’ll send through a link of a basic search and then we can talk about narrowing your topic

Student: okay

Librarian: so this is a search of CINAHL and a few other health databases through EBSCO the vendor

Librarian: I only used “dry needling” as a search term and also narrowed to articles published in scholarly journals in the last 10 years. do you have thoughts about how you would like to narrow your dry needling topic?

Student: I thought about narrowing it down to its use for shoulder injuries or knee injuries. I cannot tell if there is enough information both ways to make it a solid paper, or if i should narrow it more

Librarian: sure, one sec and I’ll refine your topic

Librarian: I entered this in the second box: shoulder or knee and the results narrowed to 154

Student: Okay I did the same

Librarian: and then I entered this in the third box: outcomes or effectiveness. and now there are 105

Student: I did not think of doing that, thank you

Librarian: I think that is a good list of results to begin browsing through and selecting articles

Student: Okay I will start here, thank you for your help!

Librarian: you are welcome, good luck!

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