From American Cinema to Car Ice Scrapers, Librarians Welcome All Questions


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Welcome back to This Week in Reference! Here are some intriguing topics that our Research Librarians helped students and faculty research recently.

  • Pandemic unemployment rates by gender 
  • Market data for car ice scrapers
  • Battery safety science
  • Propaganda posters and videos from the Yugoslav Wars
  • History of American cinema
  • Representation of gender in children’s literature
  • Statistics and data on the NBA & WNBA 
  • Relationship between nurses and CNAs and its effect on patient outcomes
  • Social emotional intelligence and equity in education
  • Ethics of using contract workers in corporate America
  • Legal education curriculum reform in Iraq
  • Adaptation and evolution of massospora cicadina 
  • Ethics in corporate leadership
  • Constitutionality of 3D printing guns 
  • Catholicism and mental health in Brazil

Here’s a more in-depth look at a question we answered:

Student: Hi, I’m looking for sources regarding the gender leadership gap, could you help me find some sources?

Librarian: Hello! I’m happy to help with that!

Librarian: Let me share a guide with you

Student: perfect, thank you so much

Librarian: Here’s the management guide

Librarian: Let’s start with a search in Business Source Complete – for the terms gender leadership gap

Librarian: I’ll share the results with you

Student: that would be great thanks!!


Librarian: There are quite a few in that list.

Librarian: You could add additional terms to limit the results, like if there’s a specific industry (stem, retail, finance, etc.) or if there’s a specific part of the world you are researching (europe, united states, new york, etc.)

Student: That’s awesome, I think ill be able to find what I need there. Thank you!

Librarian: you are so welcome!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I’m always so interested in what our students are researching.

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