Research Help Desk Reopens June 14

The Research Help Desk is now open for walk-up research support at the John T. Richardson Library from 1-5pm, Monday-Thursday beginning June 14. In addition to hours and access expanding this summer, we are excited to work again in person with our students, faculty and staff this summer at our Research Help Desk.

We will continue to offer our popular Ask A Librarian service via chat, email or text and research consultations by appointment via Zoom, chat or phone.

Librarians are looking forward to connecting with you! We can help you:

  • Conquer information overload.
  • Support your papers with reliable facts, evidence, and analysis.
  • Learn the research skills you need to get better grades and excel in your career.
  • Save time and find the most useful information quickly and easily.
  • Meet your goals with personalized help tailored to your needs and interests.

Wondering what kinds of questions we get?  Check out our blog series, This Week In Reference. Learn more about our Ask A Librarian service.

2 Replies to “Research Help Desk Reopens June 14”

  1. Alright, there is the old Bible related phrase “The truth will set ye free”. So here it is… I still have books that were checked out just before the beginning of the Pandemic, then the Library locked down, along with the rest of DePaul. Can I return them and have all potential fines WAIVED? Given the weirdo special situation we are just barely emerging from, I do not think this is an unfair request… So yes, I would like to return these books and have all fines waived, thank you.

    Sincerely, An Alumnus.

    1. Hi Damon, Thanks for getting in touch. Please contact our Billing Assistant, Jamahl Spann, at Phone: (773) 325-2631 or email at and he’ll help you out with this! Also, for more speedy replies to your questions, use our Ask a Librarian contact on the library homepage. I only check the blog every few days and would hate to keep you waiting for an answer.

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