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Do you like to do your research at home, cuddled up with your cat, your coffee, and your computer? Our Ask a Librarian chat service is perfect for you! You can get real-time remote research help at Ask a Librarian

Or, do you prefer to do your research in the library, with all the books you can carry, and (masked) people to keep you company? Research help is available in person too! Just stop by the Research Help desk at either of our library locations

In the library, on chat, or via telepathy (just kidding about the telepathy), here are some research questions we’ve been asked recently:

  • How can I search for scholarly sources about the safety of self-driving cars?
  • I’m looking for statistics on the safety of home births vs. hospital births.
  • I need articles about culture, race, and behavioral health stigma in children.
  • Was Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange ever censored?
  • How can I read about tech workers and ethics?
  • How has remote work affected workers’ stress levels and performance?
  • Where can I find case studies of home health environment assessments?
  • I need articles about the psychological effects of sexual assault on women ages 18 – 34.
  • Could mushrooms be one of the major solutions to the world’s plastic crisis?
  • How can I find books and articles about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry?
  • How can you figure out which person is the senior author of an article written by multiple people?
  • I’m looking for information about why police officers change career paths. 
  • Where can I find demographic information about the people who live in Chicago’s north shore neighborhood?

Here’s an in-depth look at a recent Ask a Librarian conversation:

Student: hi – is there a link where I can find industry outlook reports?

Librarian: hello. I’m happy to help. I’ll begin by sending through a link to our companies & industries guide

Librarian: the page this link lands on lists databases to search for industry information. what industry are you researching?

Student: thank you! the steel industry.

Librarian: the steel industry in the United States?

Student: correct

Librarian: next I will send through a link to a search in the Business Source Complete database which is actually listed on the first page of the guide:

Student: thanks!

Librarian: I used the search term Steel Industry and limited to publications since 2016

Librarian: the filter for Industry Profiles falls off when opening the search through the link

Librarian: scroll down in the left margin right below the publication date bar to the Source Types and select Industry Profiles

Student: very helpful, thank you!

Librarian: you are welcome, follow up if you have additional questions


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