Are You an Auditory Learner? Add These to the Queue

Looking for a new podcast or playlist to listen to while walking to class? Well, the Library has plenty of online resources that can help keep your ears busy. Whether you want to listen to a Jazz artist you’re researching, practice your lines for the upcoming play, or just need some background music for your study group, we can help you find what you need. For this month’s collections blog, we are going to take a look at a few resources that give patrons access to a variety of audio-centered materials for learning and recreation.

With Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection, you can listen to over 300 readings of dramatic works. For those who can’t get enough Shakespeare, let his works come alive by listening to recordings of Macbeth or Julius Caesar while waiting for the train. Or, with October approaching quickly, you may want to get in the Halloween spirit early by listening to a performance of Dracula while decorating your dorm room. This searchable collection can also be browsed by genre, playwright, performers, subject matter, and more. By selecting a particular subject, such as women’s studies, Audio Drama will show you works related to the subject. All recordings in this collection can also be sent to your phone for easy listening on the go, just select the “send to mobile” option, and scan the QR code on your screen.

Through Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries, listen to the entire Smithsonian Folkways collection along with partner archives. With full recordings of world music albums from the Middle East, to Russia, Portugal, Bali, Venezuela and beyond, this collection can provide listeners with broad perspectives on the evolution of various genres across wide geographical regions. Like Audio Drama, Music Online can also be searched or browsed by categories, allowing easy access to particular subjects or locations to help narrow your research, or maybe to help you craft a themed playlist. In addition to music, this collection features plenty of audio recordings of documentaries, oral histories, biographies, and prose, accompanied by easy citations and ability to listen on your mobile device.

You can also access Open University on iTunes U. through our A-Z Databases & Resources page. This free resource features over 280 albums of content, some with supplemental video as well. For second language learners, maybe a quick refresher on beginner’s French can help calm pre-quiz anxiousness, or learn the ins and outs of project management before that internship interview.

Looking for a particular genre of audio recording that isn’t specifically listed on these resources? We may still have it! By searching with our library website’s search bar and selecting “audio” under “resource type,” patrons can find plenty of interesting recordings. For example, searching “yoga” with this method will direct patrons to online music collections of music for yoga or meditation. And if your fellow yoga enthusiasts ask where you found such a calming track, be sure to share our wonderful library resources with them!

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