Teaching Commons Faculty Workshop: Getting Started with Open Educational Resources (OER)

The Teaching Commons is hosting an open educational resources (OER) virtual workshop to advance OER efforts at DePaul. As fall quarter winds down, November is a good time to begin considering innovative ways to design and deliver your future courses. Open educational resources are freely accessible, quality materials that can be customized to reflect your students and create a more innovative and inclusive learning environment.

How this Workshop Came to Be

Dr. Austin Lim, who teaches in DePaul’s Neuroscience program, was awarded a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Grant through Academic Affairs. Austin is an OER advocate and applied for the grant to increase awareness of using OER as a tool to address affordability issues for students. He recruited Abbey Elder to present this workshop to his DePaul colleagues. Join Austin and Abbey on November 5 at 1:00pm to learn more about OER, how to locate and evaluate them, and how you can contribute to DePaul’s mission to address affordability by adopting these materials for your courses. The link below will take you to the workshop registration and more details about the event.


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