125 Faces of DePaul: Research Your Nominations with University Archives

In recognition of its founding as St. Vincent’s College in 1898, DePaul is preparing for a year-long celebration of its 125th anniversary in 2023. 

Earlier this month the university launched its 125th anniversary website in preparation for the milestone. To kick off the anniversary festivities, DePaul also announced the 125 Faces of DePaul campaign, which plans to feature and honor faculty, staff, students, alumni, leaders and donors who have made a lasting impact on the DePaul community. An open call went out to the university community to submit nominations for the campaign, along with a summary of why the person would make a good candidate.

DePaul Special Collections and Archives is here to help anyone looking to research the legacy of their candidate or strengthen their nomination with some primary sources from University Archives.

A good place to start your research is the DePaul Heritage Collections. These digital collections feature more than a century’s worth of University photographs and student publications that document life at DePaul, as well as the growth and evolution of its campuses. 

You can also explore the University Archives finding aids, which describe the physical collections that document DePaul’s institutional history, and you can visit us on the 3rd floor of the Richardson Library with a research appointment.

If you have questions about these collections or about a specific individual or period in DePaul’s history, you can also contact us.

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