Library Open Overnight for Finals

Finals are here and it’s time to study all night at the Library! The John T. Richardson Library is open overnight for DePaul students starting Monday November 15 at 7:30am until Tuesday November 23 at 11:59am.

Wear a Mask: Masks worn over the mouth and nose are required in the library.

Show your DePaul ID: Show your school ID to the security guard to stay in the Library after 9:00pm, when guests and students without IDs will be asked to leave.

Checkout a laptop or phone charger:  Devices running overtime can be recharged with a charger at the front desk.

Stay Safe: Keep an eye on your belongings. Take your laptop with you when going to the restroom or lock it in the Laptop Lockers on the 1st floor near the printers (keys are available at the front desk).

Good luck with finals!

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