This Week in Reference: National Library Week and Poetry Month

There once was a student from DePaul…(Happy Poetry Month!)

….who was searching for poems to enthrall,
They logged on the chat
And right off the bat
The Librarian recommended a haul!

Your friendly DePaul librarians are back from spring break and ready to help with all your research needs! Whether you need assistance finding books, articles, or other scholarly resources for a paper, or a recommendation for a book to read in celebration of April being Poetry Month, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Ask A Librarian chat service or visit us in person at either campus’ library. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun poetry-themed activities this month and don’t forget to wish our librarians a Happy National Library Week, which runs from April 3rd to the 9th!

Here are some questions we helped students with during the end of winter quarter:

  • I’m doing research into racism in the Harry Potter books, and I was wondering what the best databases to start looking at would be?
  • I was wondering I could get help finding a scholarly article that discusses the rhetoric of Afghan women’s activism or protest.
  • Hi, can you help me find articles or literally any sources related to the instruments Wilhelm Wundt used in his original lab?
  • Hi, are articles from the New York Times, BBC, and Wall Street Journal considered primary sources?
  • I am writing a paper about how social media impacts fashion trends and was wondering if you could help me find scholarly sources? A lot of the ones I’ve found are from around 2010 and I was looking for papers that are a little more recent. Thank you!
  • How do I find sheet music at the library?
  • How do I cite a newspaper op-ed using the Chicago Manual of Style?
  • Hi, I have a question about narrowing down searches within the PubMed database.
  • I am looking for a few resources regarding the history of women’s education in the United States. I’m particularly interested in the time frame of 1930-2010. I’d like to be able to define the “normative” educational experience for women and girls and show how it has shifted over time.
  • Hi, I am looking for articles about the importance of work/life balance.

Here’s the full transcript from a recent chat to give you an in-depth look at one of the many ways our librarians can help you:

DePaul Librarian: Hi there! I’m happy to help get you started with that right now. Appointments are when you want more in-depth assistance or want to meet with a specific librarian

DePaul Librarian: What are you looking for?

Patron: So I have to find sources that deal with the lack of assistance in low income families when it comes to technology.

Patron: I need to show the problem exists is how the social dynamic is in the households. For example, which generation is helping the child? The parent or an older sibling? Another source that would be useful is how covid affected parents in teaching their children through e-learning.

DePaul Librarian: Sounds good – are you interested specifically in an education/learning context?

Patron: Mostly, yes. However, if there is other contexts I would not be opposed.

DePaul Librarian: Sounds good! I think we should start our search in the education databases to see what is out there about the narrower topic and if necessary we can branch out

DePaul Librarian: I think “digital divide” will be a good search term for this

Patron: okay, sounds good

DePaul Librarian: This guide highlights some of the most useful resources for education — let’s start by searching Education Research Complete

DePaul Librarian:

Patron: okay

Patron: How do I search through that link?

DePaul Librarian: You would click on the name of the database and then you’ll be prompted to enter your search terms. Here is a sample search to get us started on the narrower topic of e-learning/digital divide

DePaul Librarian:

DePaul Librarian: You can narrow it down further by adding “COVID-19” to the 3rd search box at the top of the screen

Patron: Okay, got it!

Patron: I think I got it from here, thank you!

DePaul Librarian: You’re welcome!

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