Extending Mental Health Awareness Month through Library Resources

Nature Rx: Improving College Student Mental HealthVincentian personalism infuses the work and spaces of the DePaul University Library. In this spirit of respect for each and every individual, we honor and observe Mental Health Awareness Month. As this month draws to a close, we would like to expand this awareness by highlighting Library resources that support the diverse mental health and well-being needs and challenges of the DePaul community.

Databases: The Library subscribes to a number of databases containing psychology and mental health related content for personal reading or research. Keep in mind that many other library databases may also be interesting to explore for mental health articles written through different disciplinary lenses: some examples of other subject areas include art, education, literature, or sports & exercise. Click here for descriptions and access to each database listed below: A-Z Databases.

Psychology and Health Sciences Databases

  • APA PsycINFO
  • APA PsycArticles
  • Health Source: Consumer Edition
  • PTSD Pubs

Other Disciplinary Databases

  • Art Full Text
  • Education Research Complete
  • Humanities Abstracts
  • Sport Discus

Books: The DePaul Library also has a growing collection of psychology and mental health print and electronic books for deeper reading and research. Linked below are three books and an e-book collection that highlight the range of mental health books available through the DePaul Library. The APA E-Book Collection contains academic and professional books published by the American Psychological Association focused on a range of topics.

For help locating mental health library materials reach out to Sue Shultz, the Library liaison to the Psychology Department, or visit our Ask a Librarian services for assistance through IM/chat, email, text, or more in-depth research consultations.

*The DePaul University Library resources and services are meant for personal reading, information gathering, and academic research. Contact the DePaul University Counseling Services for professional help with mental health issues and challenges.

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