This Week in Reference: Warm and Cozy Research

With subzero windchills sweeping Chicago, you probably haven’t wanted to venture out much to visit the library, but the good news is that you have access to DePaul’s extensive collection from the comfort of your home! Our Ask-a-Librarian chat service is a popular way to connect with librarians in real time to get help accessing resources digitally or get started on your research journey. You can even make an appointment for a one-on-one remote research consultation to kick start your research without changing out of your PJs. And while you’re at it, you can also renew library materials online, check out ebooks, stream music, and access research guides all while enjoying a mug of hot cocoa in bed.

Plus, if you’re experiencing some cabin fever, you can cozy up on the couch and visit a tropical place using one of our video streaming services, such as Alexander Street, Swank Motion Pictures, and Kanopy.

TL;DR: don’t let the winter weather affect your coursework this quarter—curl up in a blanket nest and take advantage of the library’s digital tools to stay warm and cozy while you research!

Not sure what to ask us? Here are a few examples of recent questions that we received through our online chat:

  • Where can I find books that are in the science fiction genre?
  • Can you help me find academic articles on Imhotep about his achievements and philosophy
  • Where can I find the status of my book request?
  • How would I go about obtaining permission to reproduce a postcard in your collection in my family history book and my memoir?
  •  I’m looking to come up with a research question about either pediatric cancer or cancer in general, but I’m not sure how to pose the question. Can you help me?

Here’s a transcript from a recent chat to give you an in-depth look at one of the many ways our librarians can help you:

Patron: Hi there! I am struggling to find information on Chicago’s immigrant population from recent years. Is there any way you can assist me with this?

DePaul Librarian: Sure, here’s a search using Library Search, limited to scholarly articles, last 5 years.

Patron: I will take a look. I appreciate your help!

DePaul Librarian: Here’s a search in Academic Search Complete.

DePaul Librarian: Here’s a Google Scholar search, limited to last 5 years. Be sure it’s set up to link to DePaul’s databases.

DePaul Librarian: Here’s a search using Google and limited to PDFs in the last 5 years. Does this help?

Patron: Yes, this is great! Thank you so much!

DePaul Librarian: You’re welcome, is there anything else I can help with?

DePaul Librarian: This report looks good too.

Patron: Oh my gosh, yes! The last report looks great! I don’t need anything else at the moment. I am working on my Capstone project so I will reach out for additional help as needed. Thanks again!

DePaul Librarian: Enjoy the rest of your night!

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