Congratulations Graduating Library Student Staff

The DePaul University Library would like to congratulate class of 2020 graduating students on all their hard work and success during these unique circumstances. The University Library, like many other departments, is heavily dependent on student staff to keep our operations running smoothly and provide the best possible service to the DePaul Community. 

Our student staff provides the Library with a timely understanding of student needs and helps us shape our services to meet those needs. The student staff participates in many outreach efforts to the community and help spread the word about library resources and services to other DePaul students and faculty.

We are sad to let them go, but we are also happy to know that they are off to be future leaders who will uphold the Vincentian mission in their new roles. We’ve asked our students to tell us about their favorite thing about working at the library and what they would tell incoming DePaul students about the library.  Here are their responses:

Alyssa Sklar
Major: GIS and Geotechnology Minor: Architecture & Urbanism

“My favorite thing about working at the library was meeting new people.

I recommend incoming DePaul students to try to borrow your textbooks through the library! Check out I-Share and ILLiad.”


Breya Jones
Majors: Journalism & Political Science

“The community and support system I found while working at the library was what helped me get through undergrad. The people I became connected with have supported me through various highs and lows; they offered the support that DePaul as an institution didn’t provide.

The library is more than just books. There are so many amazing resources within the library that students don’t know about. People and offices within the library are willing and able to help with a variety of student concerns. And it has truly become a place where many of my friends have come to call a place of comfort and support.”

Brian Yu
Major: Marketing — Digital Marketing
A Future Double Demon who will continue with the Master’s program at DePaul.

“I enjoyed being able to learn more about the library system as it taught me how to find books in a more, efficient way and taught me how to take care of books. I also enjoyed small talk that I had with employees and non-employees from time to time.

There are a lot of resources at the library that can help you as a student. If you work at the library, there are also benefits that you get as a student employee at the library. Definitely talk to people at the circulation desk and explore the DePaul library website as those will give you access and information about the abundance of resources DePaul’s library has to offer. If you decide to become an employee for the library, it is important to communicate with your co-workers and supervisors, and it is especially important to have an understanding of the rules and regulations as an employee of the library.”

Clare McKitterick
Major: Creative Writing and Publishing

“One of my favorite things about working at the library was the people that I got to work with. Everyone I worked with at the Loop Library, from my fellow student workers to the supervisors and librarians are all such amazing people and were so much fun to work with, so much so that I’m going to miss getting to see them.

Don’t be afraid to use the library or ask for help from someone who works there! I know it can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first time in the library, but research help from the librarians and the ability to check out textbooks for classes instead of buying them, or even just using the library as a quiet place to study or use a computer makes it so worth it.”

Collin De Kalb
Major : Computer Science Minor

“My favorite thing about working at the library were my coworkers. Coming to work everyday was always a good time because I knew I’d be spending time with good friends.

I’d tell a new student that the DePaul library is a great place to be. You can study, do homework, meet with friends there, and the library staff can handle most questions you have about the school or services they offer.”

Emma Nippe
Majors: Political Science & Economic Minor: Mathematics & German
A Future Double Demon who will continue with the Master’s program at DePaul.

“I loved getting to know all the excellent librarians at DePaul. It was such a pleasure to work with a different person each shift and learn from their expertise as I got more comfortable in my role. I am eager to return to (hopefully) in-person research help in the fall, as I am staying at DePaul for another year to finish my MS in economics and policy analysis!

The library is uniquely equipped to ensure your transition to DePaul is as smooth as possible. Each and every librarian is more than eager to help you achieve your academic goals, and the library acted as a central “third space” for me throughout my undergraduate career: I worked there, completed much of my coursework there, and made tons of memories with peers and friends as we worked together on assignments, projects, or simply chatted about our lives. I will treasure my experience at DePaul and specifically at the library for years to come!”

Hayden Knoll
Major: Marketing

“My favorite thing about working at the library was interacting with student regulars I’d see during my night shifts.

To an incoming DePaul student, I would encourage them to simply learn about everything the library has to offer because the library has a lot more to offer students than they think!”

Jacob Lukawski
Major: Computer Science Minor: Geography

“My favorite part working at the library was making new friends. Everyone who works at the library is so kind and friendly, it really feels like a second family.

I would tell an incoming student that they can usually find their textbooks for free on reserve at the library!”

Jenna Gonzales
Major: Economics Minor: GIS certification
A Future Double Demon who will continue with the Master’s program at DePaul.

“I enjoy being able to help people navigate through the library’s resources, especially people who are new to the library or are stressed out about their research projects.

I would tell an incoming student to find out what services and resources the library has and to try to take make use of them as much as possible.”

Liz Baughman
Major: Political Science Minor: Philosophy

“My favorite thing about working at the library was being able to explore new areas of research while helping patrons, which let me learn a lot.

I would tell incoming freshmen that the library is a valuable resource that they have access to already through DePaul, so don’t miss out on the resources available to you.”

Mark Gudger
Biological Sciences
A Future Doctor who has already started medical school.

“My favorite thing about working at the library was the hours, and some of the staff. It was a far better environment than I’ve been in for other jobs. I appreciate the fact that April Hummons and a few other supervisors put the needs of the students before anything.

If they plan to work there, stay off of their phone. If they plan to use the space, to use all of it. There’s so many resources that wasn’t aware of when I started there that I would have had a better academic experience had I known.”

Michelle Pinero
Major: Marketing — Digital Marketing

“My favorite thing about working in the library was my coworkers. From fellow students to my supervisors, I always felt like I was in a safe and friendly environment and I looked forward to seeing everybody on each shift.

The library has many more resources than you know. There will always be someone happy to help you and make sure to treat the staff with kindness!”

Miranda Shelton
Major : Computer Science — Software Development

“My favorite thing about working at the library was the relationships I built! From faculty, staff members, fellow students, and patrons, the JTR community has shaped my experience at DePaul!

Incoming freshman! The John T. Richardson is more than just a building with books, there are so many hidden resources that will amplify your experience as a DePaul student. Check out the Maker Hub!”

Ruth Young
Major: GIS and Geotechnology

“My favorite thing about working at the library is that each shift there is something new to learn.

I would tell an incoming DePaul student that there are more services available at the library then they might think. Ask the staff and explore the website to find all its awesome services.”

Stéphanie Friberg
Major Communication and Media — Multicultural Communication

“To be honest my favorite thing about working at the library had less to do about the work itself but more with the people that I worked with, and the work environment. I really liked getting to see the other people who worked there every day and the conversations we would have at the front desk or in the back office. And I really enjoyed playing giant jenga and giant connect four with Angela whenever the games were set up!

The library is more than just a building with books; the services the library provides goes beyond just lending books. There are a lot of tools to help and support you in your studies, but there are also things to do after studying: think movies, video games, VR, etc.”

Congrats to all our graduating students including  Liz Brand, Uriel Baray, and Jordan Dubreuil.

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